Spring Season

At last the weather seems to have taken a turn for the more cheerful we’re thinking about our plans for the spring and summer. Our love for dark & glamorous interiors continues unabated but we can’t ignore the siren call of the sunshine and to this end we’ve booked our first buying trip of the year to France in a couple of weeks in search of pretty vintage garden tables & chairs along with planters, urns and other garden ornamentation that the French seem to do so well!

Buying in France is always a treat and we start getting excited weeks in advance once the train has been booked and the currency exchanged. Obviously this time we’re more than a little apprehensive as our trip falls immediately after the new Brexit deadline and there is much unknown about how the trips will work in a post EU inclusive world. Will there be queues stretching down the A259? Will we all be strip-searched? Can we all still bring back enough cheap vin blanc to see us through the summer? Whatever happens, I’m sure that once we reach our destination – kilometers of brocante stretching out over a city, any tribulations will be quickly forgotten. The thrill of the hunt (and the French beers) will take over and the adventure will begin….