• A stylish and elegant French Art Deco mirrored coffee table - the etched mirrored top has started to fox which adds a bit of 'edge' to the romantic look of the piece.
  • Something a little unusual! A vintage Hungarian washstand with gorgeous original white chippy paint and enamel bowl. When the lid is down this works well as an everyday side table but with the lid up it's a fantastic display piece as well as being perfect for planting up as an unusual conservatory feature.
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    We've just sourced a lovely little collection of these rustic elm stools after a while without them. They're so popular and it's easy to see why - as well as being useful for everyday or occasional seating, they made gorgeous side tables. The soft bleached timbers are ideal for both a contemporary or traditional interior and they have the perfect 'Modern Rustic' appeal that's so very much on trend at the moment. This example has a cheeky little splash of yellow paint across the stretchers which adds interest. It's also a slightly larger - than - normal example.
  • A sweet little tabletop set of A4 filing drawers, made from MDF and enforced cardboard, painted and aged to create a soft and antiqued look. Doing your filing suddenly got prettier!
  • We picked up this gorgeous little child's chair in France recently and it was definitely one of my favourite finds! It has it's original red chippy paint and folds completely flat - even the little arm-rests! Ideal for a child's bedroom, for the garden or just as a charming decorative feature.
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    A charming antique French pine kitchen prep table with the original white chippy paint, two handy drawers and a low shelf. Ideal in the kitchen, as a hall table or in the bathroom. RESERVED
  • An elegant antique bow front chest of drawers dating from the late 1700's/early 1800's. We've fully restored the internal structure of the chest to ensure the drawers run easily (and will continue to do so!) and painted it in a soft off-black. All drawers have their original sugar-bag lining.
  • A classically French, antique stool with reeded legs and caned top painted in a soft grey. Perfect for a dressing table or could be given a glass top and used as a side table.
  • A sweet little pine cupboard painted pale grey with a single, full length drawer topped with a lovely white & grey marble top.
  • A striking pair of vintage pine bedside cabinets with a single drawer and cupboard space, painted in 'Lamp Black' for a more contemporary finish. Paneled sides and doors - a handsome pair!
  • Something a bit different! This is a late 1800's French cold storage or fridge with the most beautiful layers of chippy original paint in creams, blues and greys. The right hand side of the top lifts to reveal a zinc lined tray with a zinc inlaid preparation surface sunk into the left hand side. The base is a large single cupboard with the original hardware on the door, opening to reveal one original metal slatted shelf (with the fittings for another) and a zinc lined interior. The door has it's original vent with a drainage hole to the left hand side. This could now be used for so many great things - imagine it as an outdoor bar area for parties with the top used to create an ice bucket for drinks, lemons being chopped on the little inlaid surface and inside bottles of fizz, beers and white wine. Alternatively it could be transformed into an amazing sink unit with a copper wall-mounted tap and the top tray made into the basin with the lower cupboard for storage. Or how about a garden feature with the top planted up?? It is in it's original, untouched condition which is rustic. The top could be cleaned up for a more 'polished' look.
  • A stunning antique French kitchen prep table with a beautiful, bleached pared-down look; the timber is almost ash-grey with a glorious patina. Simple and understated this would look stunning in any Modern Rustic interior. Great proportions.