• A truly stunning vintage birdcage chandelier with cast foliage detail and oversized antique crystal drops with 'pinched' oval cut-out centres, which reflect the light further. Seven arms with a further central bulb - compatible with LED bulbs. A very elegant and well proportioned chandelier.
  • Petite in proportion and massive in style, this is one of the best small birdcage chandeliers we've seen. The frame is delicate and ornate with 5 arms which have glass cups and are each dressed with flat back drops and cone shaped crystals cut on the diagonal to refract the light better topped with glass flower shaped buttons. The central core is a stunning crystal shard balanced with a crystal ball hanging from the top of the frame. The chandelier is topped with a vintage glass sleeve.
  • A really unusual vintage brass wall light dating from the early 1900's. There are 5 lights supported by a brass ring which is dressed with gorgeous vintage Albert drops, whilst each cup is dressed with glass icicles. The beautifully cast brass back plate is both formal and classical, giving the light a real elegance.
  • A simple vintage 6 arm brass chandelier dressed with a mixture of pear shaped crystal drops, smaller pear shaped drops and beautiful old flat back crystal drops with a ball crystal suspended from the bottom. Understated but very nicely cast with delicate pretty details - original chain and ceiling rose.
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    Classically glamorous button empire chandelier with tent and bag shape.

    Contains 2 bulbs at the top then 6 more bulbs at the centre.

    The frame is original and the baskets have been restored in the traditional way using new beads wrapped around the frame.  All the glass is old and we have had them all re polished. The internals are new, which have been replaced in order to bring the chandelier up to current standards.
  • Classically glamorous button empire chandelier with tent and bag shape. Contains 2 bulbs at the top then 6 more bulbs at the centre. We can source these in smaller sizes.
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    This original brass multi-armed frame is dressed with a profusion of thick hand-cut antique crystal iceberg drops which diffuse the light beautifully and give it a contemporary, slightly masculine edge. Beautiful when viewed from underneath. Please note - we have a very similar in stock, please contact for details.
  • Vintage brass empire button chandelier. Classic French design and utterly elegant.
  • Vintage 6 arm brass chandelier with an unusual glass centre which gives it a lighter and softer look. Dressed with antique hand cut tear drop crystals.
  • A very unusual vintage Italian chandelier with a single bulb and a beautifully cast cherub figure in the centre, dressed with great quality antique crystals.
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    A stunning antique/vintage chandelier dressed with over 200 hand cut antique crystals. The frame has been professionally cleaned without losing the patination with the wiring replaced for immediate installation. A shallower chandelier but with fabulous impact which would suit rooms with lower ceilings, would also look amazing in an entrance way or dining room. This example is sold but we are able to source a close match - please contact us to discuss further.
  • Vintage Venetian 8 arm chandelier with brass metalwork giving it a more traditional and glamorous look. The glass frame has been dressed with crystal iceberg drops and a string of glass beads, with glass candy canes interspersing the arms. We are able to supply this very pretty chandelier with matching wall lights. It is possible for us to supply this style of chandelier with 5 arms, 8 arms, 10 arms and also 2 tiered for where there is a large drop and/or high ceilings. We are also able to supply this with chromed metalwork.