Decorating with Chandeliers

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a chandelier for your home – here are a couple of pointers to help you along the way.

Decorative Styles

We are delighted to have seen our chandeliers being used in a huge range of interiors, from formal traditional English to highly contemporary pared back homes. Chandeliers can work with most decorative schemes, it is just a case of choosing the right style.venitian chandelier

Where we are based in Surrey the sleek, contemporary kitchen extension is popular and clients often find that the clear Venetian style works well, especially with the metalwork chromed to fit in with their other fixtures and fittings.

DSC00443Clear, pale rooms show off more elaborate chandelier styles well; styles with a strong design or more unusual shape work well in an uncluttered environment that won’t detract from their aesthetic punch. Those worried about a chandelier looking too dated should look at oval, square and rectangular styles which don’t conform to the conventional impression of a ‘chandelier’. Less conventional drops help chandeliers look more current, either the thin icicle drops or the chunky fatter pear drop.


Low Ceilings


Obviously ceiling height is a decisive factor in the style of chandelier you chose. Lower ceilings need a style that has a little drop and the bulbs facing down so not to scorch the ceiling. It is still possible to find vintage styles that can be accommodated in rooms without cavernous ceilings; another factor to consider is what the chandelier will hang over. Even with low ceilings, if you are hanging a chandelier over a dining table, hall table, bed (!) for example then the chandelier can hang lower, enabling you to choose a style with more drop.


Size of Room

DSC09215The most important consideration when buying a chandelier is the size of the room.  Most often, if customers have been disappointed with their chandelier it’s when they’ve been nervous and gone too small. A chandelier is a statement and you must have the confidence to use the space to the maximum.  If you are unsure, come and talk to us and we will be happy to advise.



Angle of Sight

The angle from which you will view the chandelier is important when choosing a style; some are seen at their best from directly DSC01377underneath and these are the styles that should be placed high in the centre of a room. Often from above they are unsightly and too many structural elements are visible, so for hanging in a hallway, for example, where you will see it from above at the top of the stairs will prove a poor choice.  Other styles may have less impact from beneath but have excellent proportions and decorative detail from the sides – these work best hanging lower and where they will be seen from many perspectives.


Falling in Love

DSC01387Chandeliers should not be used incidentally but that doesn’t mean you have to be fiercely brave either.  The decision is always made much easier when you find a style that you just fall in love with.  As with any decorative feature in your home, don’t have it unless you love it enough to look at it every day. Some of our more popular styles have been ones that make a strong statement and our customers react to that statement. Our stag head chandeliers are best sellers and have been used in a range of decorative interior schemes – people make them work aesthetically because they are putting them amongst other things that they love and the overall look is a strong personal statement.



Obviously the price of chandeliers varies wildly depending on size, age, style, quality of crystal, amount of man hours required in their restoration and rarity. Roughly speaking chandeliers dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth century start at four figures and then the sky is the limit. Early twentieth century examples offer very good value for money and our prices compare very favourably against modern reproductions with the added benefit of superior quality and a degree of retained value.  We are lucky enough to have an exceptional trade source and therefore can offer a very wide range of chandeliers at highly competitive prices.


So what now? Of course we would love you to come and talk to us about what you are looking for. Whilst we carry a super range in the shop, we also have access to thousands of different chandeliers and if the parts existed then we are able to build you a bespoke chandelier using antique and vintage parts. You can choose the style, the size, the shape of the crystal drops and we will create it just for you! Take a look through some magazines, surf the web for some ideas – it’s always useful to see what is out there and it will give you a good starting point; however, where you end up maybe something quite different!