Back to school

Now we’ve pretty much waved the little darlings off, life can get back to normal again. What that means in the retail trade at this time of year boils down to one word… Christmas. I know it’s disgusting and perverse, but we spend pretty much the whole year getting ready for this epic shopping extravaganza – last year’s stock is packed away at the end of the January sales, new stock ordered in February, which arrives to be coded, priced and photographed at the end of August and will be out in the shop by mid-October at the latest.

Of course, when the weather is unseasonably sweltering (as it is at the moment) the challenge of easing folk into a festive mindset can be a little tricky. “Yes Madam, it is 31 degrees outside, but can I interest you in this charming string of fairy lights…? Cashmere wrist warmers?” No thanks.

We launch our Festive Season every year with a very jolly shin-dig at the shop with live music, flowing Prosecco and all of the shiny new products we’ve sourced to tempt the jaded palettes of those who really cannot stomach yet another Christmas. If we want a successful season, it’s our job to sprinkle the glitter, inject the joy and cultivate the excitement. It helps when the stock is right and this year we’re really excited by our new oversized cashmere scarves which are being made for us in Nepal, some cracking children’s toys, games and books alongside our best selection of decorations to date.

You are all welcome to join us for the party on 20 October from 7.00 – 9.00pm – let’s just hope the weather plays along…